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Personal Statement Costa Rica - 1286 Words

Hello again, Alexa here, back in my home town safe and sound. Words cannot express how grateful and blessed I truly am to have had your financial and prayer support these past six months! Costa Rica has been not only an adventure, but also a journey. It was an adventure because I was able to go somewhere with a new culture, different ideas, and unfamiliar faces. The foreign aspect of the trip allowed me to place my total trust in God. I ventured up mountains and played fà ºtbol (soccer) in the dirt. I served in villages so dangerous, even ambulances were instructed not to go in and help. I witnessed little ones cry tears of joy when they were given a soccer ball to keep but also their eyes light up with excitement when I taught them how to apply temporary tattoos! Moreover, Costa Rica was a journey because of what i underwent spiritually throughout my time there serving. I was humbled and made more culturally aware especially in regards to the needs and struggles Costa Ricans face e veryday. The second day in Costa Rica we spent at a church in a secluded village near the valleys. Each of us had a station whether it be face painting, passing out bags of different foods (rice, tuna, vegetables, beans, and other canned foods), dancing, craft making, or just playing ball with the boys. I was instructed to apply temporary tattoos on the children. Many of the tattoo designs included the well known Jesus fish with words like Faith or Hope. I would say Quieres solo, or Do you wantShow MoreRelatedThe Relationship Between Race and Ideology Essay971 Words   |  4 Pagesthat there is no accurate meaning of the word race. Appiah uses in his discussions about race the writings of W. E. DuBois, his technique is to cite an argument made by DuBois, and give sufficient proof to refute it. He does this with several statements, and concludes that race is a misconception. Although he divides the world population in races, and gives answers to racism, he does not give an explicit meaning to the word race. He uses history, culture and languages, to form several groupsRead MoreGender Gap Essay754 Words   |  4 Pagesargue that women are governed by their emotions, which could lead to many dangerous situations. Even though the United States has yet to have a female to be elected president, many countries have done so. These countries would include: Australia, Costa Rica, Slovakia, Denmark, Brazil, Germany, Chile, France, Ireland, and many more. These countries finally broke through the glass ceiling of gender roles. Though once this was broken, another woman was not elected again. These governments simply electedRead MoreThe Anxiety Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder921 Words   |  4 Pageslevel. For example, I am a person with GAD who has an extreme fear of flying on airplanes. I will try to avoid flying on airplanes as much as possible, and even cancel plans or vacations because of my fear. Over spring break I was supposed to fly to Costa Rica for a study abroad class but cancelled a few weeks before because of all the stress of having to fly on a plane. For me, when I’m on an airplane I feel that if I don’t constantly worry, or repeat certain phrases then something bad is go ing to happenRead MoreMy Vision And My Original Vision Essay1131 Words   |  5 Pagesvision with the things I am good at, the things I love doing, and the things I want to be able to do one day. Mason awakened me to possibilities that I did not even know existed in the world of higher education. Looking back at my original goal statement I submitted in 2014 when applying for the PhD in Education program, the scope of my original vision was surprisingly limited. Whereas I was originally focused on higher education technology during the application process, Mason expanded my academicRead MoreThe Discovery Of The Guatemalan Archives1417 Words   |  6 Pagesspeculated that the documents had been tampered with. To fight back they came out with a statement assuring that the documents had been handled the proper way and that they were in fact, valid files that exposed FARC, who they were connected with and where they were hiding large sums of money (INTERPOL). The â€Å"FARC files led to the recovery of more than $480,000 in clandestine cash hidden for several years in Costa Rica† and also where they were keeping uranium for potential future weapon projects (Heritage)Read MoreCorporate Social Responsibility1375 Words   |  6 Pagesconsumers believe Starbucks is a responsible company? Why or why not? Starbucks opened up in 1971 in Seattle as the first Italian company in United States to have a coffee house for customers. The idea was to have a setting of Italian elegance, a personal treat and a social gathering spot.(Keller Kotler,2012). Starbuck has worked tremendously hard to store an image that it has become the most frequently visited retailer in United States with an average of 18 times a month (Kotler Keller,2012)Read MoreEssay Iran-Contra Affair: The Diversion Scandal2952 Words   |  12 Pagesplane suffered damaging missile blows. Hasenfus’ outdated cargo plane was knocked from the sky as a result of Nicaraguan surface to air missiles. After notifying the office of the United States Vice-President, informants in both El Salvador and Costa Rica would scramble to assess and control a seemingly uncomplicated situation. While United States officials prepared to limit their damages, the Nicaraguan captors televised Hasenfus’ explanation of illegal actions by the United States and specificallyRead MoreThe Causes of US Intervention in Nicaragua1643 Words   |  7 Pagespresident, Walker had to constantly fight off the efforts of Cornelius Vanderbilt, a man in control of a large international shipping empire who pursued to take Nicaragua from Walker. To protect himself from Vanderbilt and his allied natives from Costa Rica, Walker eventually surrendered to the United States Navy, and returned to the United States . Later that year, he attempted to relaunch his expeditions in Central America by attempting to sail from Mobile, but soon after landing at Punta ArenasRead MoreEssay about Reaching My Students Through Real World Experiences2039 Words   |  9 Pagesteachers face the challenge of preparing their students for the real world. Students need real world preparation, not just acumen. Reaching my students involves building encouraging relationships and a sense of security within the classroom. Sharing my personal experiences, as well as the testimonies of others, can be an effective motivational tool for preparing college-bound students for the real world. My role as a teacher involves communicating the many obstacles college students face. Providing studentsRead MoreExecutive Management : Starbucks Corps Senior Vice President2190 Words   |  9 Pagesits trademark to offer products in grocery stores and other venues. Starbucks has grown to become a well-recognized, widely successful company and its strategic use of human resource management has contributed greatly to its success. Its mission statement, â€Å"to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time† (, not only embodies their approach to customers but to employees as well. The company â€Å"exemplifies a whole new corporate approach to

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How to Know If Youve Got Fire Ants

Red imported fire ants defend their nests aggressively and can sting repeatedly. Their venom causes a severe burning and itching sensation, and in rare cases, may trigger a life-threatening allergic reaction. Red imported fire ants can put people and pets at risk for stings, and impact wildlife populations. If youve got fire ants, you may need to treat your property to eliminate them. Before you rush out for some fire ant killer, though, you should be sure youve got fire ants. Ants play an important role in the ecosystem, and you dont want to kill the wrong kind. To identify red imported fire ants, look at three things: their physical features, the ant nest, and the way the ants behave. Differentiating Fire Ants From Other Ant Species Look for the following traits to identify red imported fire ants: Nodes: Fire ants, whether native or imported, have two nodes at the constricted waist between the thorax and abdomen.Antennal clubs: The antennae of fire ants (genus Solenopsis) consist of 10 segments, with a two-segment club.Small size: Red imported fire ant workers measure just 1.5 mm to 4 mm.Size variation: Red imported fire ant workers vary in size according to caste.Color: Red imported fire ants are reddish-brown, and the abdomen is darker than the rest of the body.Standard proportion: The heads of red imported fire ants will never be wider than their abdomens in any worker caste. It can be difficult to differentiate red imported fire ants from native fire ant species. We recommend collecting several ants from a suspected fire ant colony and taking them to your local extension office for confirmation. Identifying Red Imported Fire Ant Nests Fire ants live underground, in tunnels and chambers which they construct. When conditions are right for breeding, they expand their nests above ground. Looking at the construction of these mounds can help you identify red imported fire ant nests. Imported fire ant mounds tend to be constructed of loose, crumbly soil. They resemble the piles left behind by digging gophers.Mounds usually appear in spring or fall, or after cool, wet weather when breeding conditions are best.Unlike those of native ants, red imported fire ant mounds do not have an opening in the center. The ants enter the mound from tunnels below ground level.Red imported fire ant mounds usually measure up to 18 in diameter, but will often be considerably smaller.Fire ants build mounds in open, sunny locations.When the mound is disturbed, the white brood will be visible. The larvae and pupae may look like grains of white rice in the soil. Fire Ant Behavior Fire ants are the hotheads of the ant world. You may be able to identify fire ants by observing their behavior. Fire ants defend their nests aggressively. Any disturbance of the nest will elicit a quick response, with dozens of fire ant workers storming from the nest to do battle.Fire ants will typically climb vertical surfaces when disturbed. Look for fire ant workers on tall grasses or other surfaces around the mound. Of course, one sure-fire way to find out if theyre fire ants or not is to get stung (not recommended)! Fire ant venom causes an intense burning sensation. Within 24-28 days, the sting sites will form white pustules. If youve been stung by fire ants, youll know it.

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Visual Aids Help Tths Students Improve Their English Education Essay Free Essays

string(38) " some objects that associate with it\." In Vietnam, English is considered the most of import foreign linguistic communication, which is taught as one of the chief topics in schools every bit good as in universities and is besides used the most in communicating among other foreign linguistic communications. Harmonizing to the Longman lexicon of linguistic communication instruction and applied linguistics, English is used as a foreign linguistic communication or a 2nd linguistic communication to pass on with aliens who speak the English linguistic communication in non-English speech production states. The English instruction and acquisition at Thuong Tin High School is non really important in footings of the pupils ‘ accomplishment. We will write a custom essay sample on Visual Aids Help Tths Students Improve Their English Education Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Particularly, the large concern is for English vocabulary keeping. At the terminal of the first term 2009 – 2010 merely approximately 50 % of the pupils got an norm of 5 and 6, and merely 8 % got 7 or 8 and the remainder got 3 or 4 in the English unwritten trial in the 2009 State First Term Examination. These figures have made the instructors of English in TT High School feel worried, they need to see the serious job carefully and happen out the best methods to better the state of affairs rapidly. This hapless accomplishment is non new but has lasted for old ages, and at that place have been many things done about it but the state of affairs has non improved. Students have been given excess lessons so that they have more clip to pattern their English, particularly English speech production lessons, they have been helped a batch with alteration before every trial. They have even been provided with well-prepared hand-outs of the points on which they are traveling to be tested and told what to larn to make the trials good. In malice of what they have been informed and reminded of, unexpected things have still occurred, pupils have non improved their accomplishment, and the fact that most pupils were non really adept in speech production and authorship trials which were shown on the study of first term. To happen out which factors are of import in linguistic communication acquisition, it is necessary to hold a close expression at societal factors every bit good as a figure of psychological dimensions of difference. Attitudes and motive, assurance, intelligence, linguistic communication aptitude, and linguistic communication acquisition schemes have besides been found to hold an consequence on linguistic communication scholars ‘ success in their linguistic communication acquisition ( Gardner, 2001 ) . The research undertaking took topographic point at Thuong Tin High School located in Thuong Tin, a town about 30 kilometers from Ha Noi Capital and has been developing really fast. The people have become richer and a big figure of households have invested money in after school activities and private tutoring for their kids in English and other nucleus topics. If pupils and scholars have an first-class degree of English, they will derive credence to higher schools of larning and better-paid occupations. English is an of import and mandatory topic at about every school in Vietnam. Thus, normally pupils have to larn English for at least 7 old ages, from grade 6 to rate 12. In many schools in metropoliss kids start larning English in grade 3. There is even a tendency to larn English before simple school as their parents believe that the English linguistic communication is a utile investing for their kids ‘s hereafter. Most occupations now require the appliers to hold cognition of English linguistic communication at certain degrees. Though English is taught from class 3 in primary schools, most high school pupils are hard to read an English paragraph fluently, talk to each other in English as a conversation, listen to a short debut on telecasting or compose a missive or even a paragraph of description in English good. The issue that why most TTHS pupils have still had low consequences on speech production and composing trials though they have been helped a batch before trials, and what possible solutions could be found. The TTHS instructors have had a serious treatment and come to conclusion that most TTHS pupils have low English vocabulary keeping and this has great influence on their speech production and composing trials. Students can non talk, listen, read and compose English if they do non hold plenty necessary English vocabulary. But what we, instructors, have to make to assist our pupils better their English vocabulary. More things must be done to alter the state of affairs for the better, and the concerns were carried out, such as ; motive, methods of instruction and acquisition, environment of instruction and acquisition, stuffs and inclusive of Visual Aids. The defined solution for this issue was that Using Visual Aids to assist pupils better English vocabulary keeping, because the instr uctors believed that there is no ways of larning vocabulary better than seeing the existent things or illustrated things. Most instructors of English agree that it is hard for them to hold successful lessons on vocabulary or communicating without ocular AIDSs and pupils will non be easy to understand and pattern if they do non hold certain ocular AIDSs for every undertaking because pupils do non hold plenty necessary vocabulary to pattern. The intent of this research is to find utilizing Ocular Aids helps TTHS pupils improve English vocabulary and the effects that ocular instruction schemes have on the academic accomplishment of TTHS pupils. Research inquiries: How do VISUAL AIDS aid pupils better English vocabulary keeping? What effects do ocular instruction schemes have on the academic accomplishment of TTHS pupils? LITERATURE REVIEW Ocular AIDSs Brown ( 1973:1 ) emphasizes that utilizing assortment of media, ocular AIDSs, will increase the chance that the pupils will larn more, retain better what they learn and better their public presentation of the accomplishments they are expected to develop. Furthermore, Finocchiaro ( 1974:63 ) provinces that the pupils will understand and retain better when they have been shown or taught some objects that associate with it. You read "Visual Aids Help Tths Students Improve Their English Education Essay" in category "Essay examples" Educational professionals have acknowledged the fact that pupils who struggle in reading comprehension because they may miss the ability to grok words. Joseph ( 2006 ) realised, â€Å" there are several attacks to learning word-reading accomplishments but few integrated systematic processs that facilitate command, construct eloquence and lead to keeping of accomplishments for fighting readers † ( p.803 ) . Students who struggle in acquisition accomplishments need specific intercessions to increase their reading degree and word cognition. These intercessions should be ongoing and occur early in the acquisition procedure in order to ease the cognitive burden at the pupils ‘ current reading degree and for the following class degree. Using ocular AIDSs to heighten English vocabulary and vocabulary keeping is a scheme that has been researched and implemented into TTHS English classromms. With the usage of ocular AIDSs, such as ; reliable stuffs or illustrated things, pupils could increase their English vocabulary keeping every bit good as they can establish on their vocabulary to better their speech production, composing, listening and reading comprehension accomplishments. Joseph ( 2006 ) confirmed that pupils tend to be more motivated and take to finish assignments and undertakings that contain some points that are known to them and that appear to demand lower degree of attempt because they feel confident about their ability to finish such undertakings. If implemented decently, ocular AIDSs, which are reliable stuffs or illustrated things, can do on-going deffernces in pupils ‘ ability to read with assurance independently and continually. It is the consistence of vocabulary intercessions that allows the fighting pupils to see the vocabulary footings within the reading transition if they are to spread out their cognition of the vocabulary term. This can do the difference in their proficiency of linguistic communication acquisition Dave ( 1975: 10-11 ) besides proposes some of the ocular AIDSs as follows: Real things and toys with different kinds, sizes and colourss are utile to draw pupils ‘ involvement. Real things can be presented to pupils by agencies of field trip or conveying the object to the category for direct observation. Chalkboard or blackboard are certain to be the most utile instruction AIDSs, used in the category. They have the advantage of supplying points of attending for the category and they can be used for many intents. Pictures are flashed for a brief minute, therfore, the images should be simple and large sufficiency to be seen clearly by every pupil in the category. Wall charts or wall images are large documents with some images and words, utile for showing vocabulary to the category. From the account above, non all of media can be applied in the schoolroom ; the instructors have to choose the appropriate media that straight related to the acquisition procedure. Vocabulary appraisals should besides be used for a precursor to measure pupils ‘ comprehension. Johnston ( 1997 ) pointed that â€Å" as childen spend more and more clip reading and authorship, many modus operandis and common forms become automatic, picking up velocity and really traveling through a different portion of the encephalon, no longer affecting witting attempts † ( p 145 ) . This is an of import factor if pupils are to go independent of the schoolroom instructor. It is of import to increase pupils ‘ tool chest of vocabulary schemes. Harmonizing to Haycraft ( 1983: 102 ) learning AIDSs can be used for consolidating vocabulary, practicing construction and word order or for assortment of games. Besides, learning AIDSs can besides give a great aid to the instructor in the category. A scholar can non ever successfully learn English merely by listening to the account from the instructor. Ocular AIDSs help teacher give more accent on pronunciation of the words, vocalizations and wrong written of words. Furthermore, in vocabulary category, the scholars are encouraged to give their sentiments about the ocular AIDSs that are presented by the instructor, therefore the scholars can be more active in teaching-learning procedure. Ocular AIDSs are besides really utile to develop the pupils to talk and memorise the words automatically. Ocular AIDSs, particularly images are really utile in learning vocabulary to promote and actuate the pupils to larn the linguistic communication. As stated by Coppen ( 1969: 88 ) images are parts of ocular AIDSs. â€Å" The intent of image is to supply a stimulation which will arouse a peculiar response from the scholar. The image represents some action and in order to larn the appropriate words to depict the action itself must non be in inquiry † . Pictures are parts of ocular AIDSs. They may be used in learning the simple school pupils to avoid ennui. Brown ( 1973: 410 ) states some maps of images as follows: Media are used to learn the pupils to larn efficaciously. Pictures help the pupils read the books and finally interpret and memorize words. Edmund Fason ( 1959: 416 ) provinces that teaching-learning procedure with images will acquire win if the images are related to the stuff of the survey, images should be coloured and varied, colorful images intensify the pupils ‘ imaginativeness. Using ocular AIDSs can give a great aid to the instructor in the category. The pupils will non ever be successful in larning English merely by listening to the account from the instructor or by reading many books. Using ocular AIDSs in vocabulary category promote the pupils to give their sentiments about the presented images. The instructor can do them more active during the teaching-learning procedure. Furthermore, blinking ocular AIDSs for a short clip is really utile for the pupils to talk and memorise the words automatically. Retention Retention should be a demand for the acquisition of vocabulary footings. Joseph ( 2008 ) makes these recommendations, â€Å" in specific environmental conditions, words that were taught were considered learned when they were read right on next-day keeping investigations. Wordss that were non read right on next-day keeping investigations were non considered learned. Previously taught but unconditioned words were retaught with the same instructional status until they were read right on next-day keeping investigations † ( p 298 ) . This would be a good process to follow if scholars are to highten their keeping of vocabulary footings. These keeping investigations were designed to mensurate pupils ‘ vocabulary acquisition. Retention investigations were ever administered the twenty-four hours instantly following the instructional status and before another unit of ammunition of instructional conditions bagan. Each keeping investigation consisted of all the ocular AIDSs of unkno wn words that were taught in the previuos day-to-day sessons. The ocular AIDSs were exchanged and presented as one group of words to the pupils. Reiser and Dempsey ( 2007 ) provinces, â€Å" maximising larning with rich media involves two memories systems ; working memory and long term memory that shapes human larning † ( p314 ) . Methodology Subjects This research survey took topographic point in Thuong Tin High School in Thuong Tin town, 30 kilometers off from the Centre of Ha Noi Capital. The topics involved in this research were 40 pupils, they were in two different categories 12A2 and 12A3 ( aged 16-18 ) . They were indiscriminately selected to set into two groups: 20 pupils in the control group ( 12A2 ) and 20 other pupils in the experimental group ( 12A3 ) ( This means that the category 12A2 has 20 participants who belong to the control group, and the category 12A3 has 20 participants who belong to the experimental group ) . All of them are grade-12 pupils in the school twelvemonth 2009 – 2010 and travel to school everyday from Monday to Saturday. They have 3 English periods every hebdomad, each period lasts 45 proceedingss. The experiment lasted one month. After organizing two groups, a trial was given to pupils to look into their English vocabulary so that the research worker could guarantee pupils in two groups had the English vocabulary equality ( Appendice 2 ) . Instruments. Many ocular AIDSs were used when carry oning this research, this was done by utilizing images, existent things and illustrated things. To do clear the research inquiry, these following types of informations were collected: studies, pre-tests and post-tests, interviews, observations, and trial tonss. A study was given at the beginning of the survey to find if the pupils enjoyed larning English and their attitudes to the instructional manner of the category ( Appendice 1 ) . This helped me understand pupils ‘ perceptual experience of the category and if any alterations, other than those used during the survey, needed to be made to maximise the pupils ‘ academic public presentation. A Pre-test and Post-test were used before and after the research to happen out the difference between the pre-test consequences and post-test consequences in order to cognize whether students’vocabulary keeping has been improved ( Appendice 3A, 3B ) . Observations and trial tonss were besides used as measuring tools. In order to take notes and find the engagement and attitudes of the pupils, observations were used daily. Make the pupils respond otherwise to the assorted ocular AIDSs? Were the pupils on undertaking during a certain ocular scheme? Did the pupils enjoy some ocular schemes over others? Detecting besides made it possible to find if outside variables affected the pupils ‘ trial tonss. Were the pupils holding a nerve-racking twenty-four hours? Did the pupils merely come back to school from a vacation interruption? To find if the usage of visuals affected trial tonss, trial tonss during the four hebdomad survey were compared with those from the old four hebdomads. At the terminal of the survey, the replies to the inquiries must be found ; Why do TTHS pupils speak, listen to, read and compose English so severely? How do ocular AIDSs help them better their English vocabulary keeping? Which effects do the ocular instru ction schemes have on the academic accomplishment of TTHS pupils? Design and Methods of Data Collection When implementing the experiment, the research worker used different ocular AIDSs in lessons, for illustration ; images, existent things and illustrated things were utilised instead so that pupils could understand the mentioned words and memorise them more efficaciously. Interviews were done earlier and after the research in order to cognize whether pupils were interested in the experiment, how they behaved during the research and what they achieved after the research. Observation was implemented in the procedure of research, this helped the research worker know that all the pupils in the experimental group took portion in the experiment on a regular basis. Trial tonss were done after the experiment finished, the trial tonss were collected from the pre-test consequences and the post-test consequences to demo the betterment and difference of utilizing ocular AIDSs in instruction and larning English vocabulary. Teaching activities that used ocular AIDSs were provided to the experimental group pupils in the category 12A3 in all the lessons ; listening, speech production, reading and composing lessons every hebdomad. Consequence Survey Results. The study that was given to the two English categories included five inquiries and five replies, Numberss 1-5 ( Appendice 1 ) . When asked pupils the five inquiries, the research worker found that there was a large difference about pupils ‘ attitude to larning English, and larning English vocabulary with the aid of ocular AIDSs before and after the experiment. The consequence was compared in the Pre and Post-survey ( Appendice 1 ) . Questions Answers Before the experiment ( n=students ) After the experiment ( n=students ) 1. Make you bask larning English? Yes 32 68 No 48 12 2. If you do non like larning English, why? Because: Teaching methods 34 18 Lack of ocular AIDSs 46 62 3. Would you like to larn English vocabulary by watching ocular AIDSs, such as ; images, existent things or illustrated things? Yes 52 68 No 28 12 4. Make you believe you will better your English vocabulary better by looking at the ocular AIDSs when you are discoursing a subject? Yes 46 67 No 34 13 5. Should ocular AIDSs be used and taught on a regular basis and diversely in categories Yes 48 66 No 32 14 There were several trials ( a sample trial in appendice 2 ) given to pupils in the both groups to guarantee that the pupils in the experimental group was tantamount with pupils in the control group about the English vocabulary before the experiment. Groups Percentage of words that recalled and written down before the experiment 0 – 20 % 30 – 50 % 50 – 70 % 80 – 100 % Control group ( n=20 ) 2 8 7 3 Experimental Group ( n=20 ) 3 9 6 2 Interview Results In each group, 5 pupils were indiscriminately invited to interview before and after the experiment. They were asked to give replies to 3 inquiries ( Appendice 4 ) . The 5 pupils in the experimental group produced the same words as the 5 pupils in the control group before the experiment but the experimental pupils produced more words than the control pupils after the ezperiment. a. An interview before the experiment B. An interview after the experiment. Trials Consequences Pre-tests: Groups Number of words 10 – 40 40 – 70 70 -100 Control ( n=students ) 8 9 3 Experimental ( n-students ) 7 10 4 Pots-tests Groups Number of words ( n=100 words ) 10 – 40 40 – 70 70 -100 Control ( n=students ) 5 10 5 Experimental ( n-students ) 2 11 7 From the consequences of the post-tests, it was easy to happen that if pupils were provided with ocular AIDSs in their lessons. They could increase their vocabulary much better. Before the experiment, the two groups were tantamount in their vocabulary, but at that place was a large spread between the control group and experimental group after the experiment. The experimental group increased their vocabulary a batch more than they were earlier. However, the control group did non better their vocabulary a batch. Questionnaire Consequences After the survey clip, the 20 pupils in the experimental group were given a five inquiry interview about their feelings towards the category. The replies were categorized as either being understanding and dissension and compared with the consequences before the experiment.. Comparison of Agreement and Disagreement Responses from the Interview Question Answers from Ex-group ( n=students ) Yes NO Before After Before After 1 ) Do you like the English category? 8 15 12 5 2 ) Do you bask larning with ocular AIDSs 12 17 7 3 3 ) Do you believe the ocular AIDSs are assisting you? 10 14 10 6 4 ) Do you desire to hold ocular AIDSs in future lessons? 11 16 9 4 5 ) Are you motivated with and interested in larning English vocabulary with ocular AIDSs? 10 18 10 2 Discussion The aim of my research was to happen out how ocular AIDSs aid pupils better their English vocabulary and to detect if ocular acquisition schemes have an consequence on ESL academic accomplishment in a high school English schoolroom. The chief findings of this research show that there is a positive correlativity between the usage of ocular AIDSs and the consequences when utilizing studies, interviews, observations, and trial mark comparing Comparison of Averages from the Control and Study Periods Harmonizing to Dong ( 2002 ) , he found that when instructors use visuals, the pupils inquire more inquiries. During the survey period, I observed that the pupils in the experiment asked more inquiries than the control group. The pupils were interested in the ocular AIDSs and ever asked inquiries to clear up their misinterpretation. Decision This research indicates that pupils may larn in many different ways and instructors should make many things possible to back up and to run into the demands of all pupils. Ocular AIDSs can interrupt the linguistic communication barrier that separates pupils from instructors. Pictures, ral things or illustrated things ever helped to explicate both particular and common English words to the full. For illustration, the word â€Å" fire an employee † was given to pupils in a inquiry on a trial, but none of the pupils in the category knew what that word meant and seeking to explicate it did non assist either. The significance of the word was so made clear when I made a image on the board. This research would urge that instructors use as many ocular AIDSs as possible in their schoolroom. This research besides shows that ocular AIDSs can increase pupils ‘ English vocabulary and better their vocabulary keeping. The most utile and popular ocular AIDSs were introduced in category were images, illustrated things, such as ; toys or theoretical account signifiers. For illustration, during the unit on autos, it was so easy for pupils to think and to cognize the parts of a auto when they saw images of auto parts or a toy auto. My research had a positive impact on pupil acquisition, English is rather a hard topic with tonss of vocabulary and visuals are the best manner to larn those words. There are besides a batch of subjects that have to be covered in an English category. Visuals, particularly images, are a great manner to demo pupils the overall construct and the minute inside informations of a subject. The pupils in my English category have learnt and improved their vocabulary a batch when I applied the ocular AIDSs in the category. As already mentioned, images were the most popular and effectual. There was a purpose behind each and every ocular. I carefully planned out how I would make and explicate each ocular so that pupils could execute good. Mentions Collier, V. P. ( 1992 ) . A synthesis of surveies analyzing long-run linguistic communication minority pupil informations on academic accomplishment. Bilingual Research Journal, 16 ( 1-2 ) , 187-212. Dong, Y. R. ( 2002 ) . Integrating linguistic communication and content: Education and Bilingualism, 5 ( 2 ) , 40-57. Duran, B. J. , Dugan, T. , A ; Weffer, R. ( 1998 ) . Language minority pupils in high school Hamblen, K. A. ( 1993 ) . Theories and research that support art direction for instrumental results. Theory into Practice, 3 ( 4 ) , 191-198. Mayer, R. E. ( 1989 ) . Models for understanding. Review of Educational Research, 59 ( 1 ) , 43-64. Gardner, R.C. ( 1985 ) , Social Psychology and Second Language Learning: The function of attitudes and motive, London: Edward Arnold Gardner, R. C. 2001. Language Learning Motivation: The Student, the Teacher, and the Researcher.Texas Papers in Foreign Language Education, Volume 6, A Number 1, A Fall 2001. Joseph, L. ( 2006, May ) . Incremental dry run: A flash card drill technique for increasing keeping of reading words. International Reading Association, 51 ( 1 ) , 90-92. Petrie, G. M. ( 2003 ) . ESL instructors ‘ positions on ocular linguistic communication: A grounded theory. The Reading Matrix, 3 ( 3 ) , 137-168. Tan, A. , A ; Nicholson, T. ( 1997, June ) . Training hapless readers to read words faster better their comprehension of vocabulary. Journal of Educational Psychology, 89 ( 2 ) , 276. Appendice 1 Survey The servey was given to 2 categories ( each category consists of 40 pupils ) . Questions Answer Before the experiment ( n=students ) After the experiment ( n=students ) 1. Make you bask larning English? Yes 32 68 No 48 12 2. If you do non like larning English, why? Because: Teaching methods 34 18 Lack of ocular AIDSs 46 62 3. Would you like to larn English vocabulary by watching ocular AIDSs, such as ; images, existent things or illustrated things? Yes 52 68 No 28 12 4. Make you believe you will better your English vocabulary better by looking at the ocular AIDSs when you are discoursing a subject? Yes 46 67 No 34 13 5. Should ocular AIDSs be used and taught on a regular basis and diversely in categories Yes 48 66 No 32 14 How to cite Visual Aids Help Tths Students Improve Their English Education Essay, Essay examples

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Solution to the house affordability problem - Myassignmenthelp.Com

Questions: 1. In your own words, summarize the IMF report article, Australia,  IMF Country Report No. 15/275, September 2015 (pp. 1-21 only). In particular, what are the main messages of the article? 2. Using appropriate diagrams, figures and data collected to answer Are Melbournes housing prices overvalued?  a question raised in the above IMF report. Why or why not? 3. Examine the impacts of an increase in the foreign buyers stamp duty (tax) on the equilibrium housing prices, consumer surplus, producer surplus, and total surplus (or social welfare). Can an increase in the foreign buyers stamp duty (tax) raise social welfare? Why or why not? Can an increase in the foreign buyers stamp duty (tax) raise city governments tax revenue? 4. Discuss, explain and comment at least three other housing policies or measures to stabilize the housing markets and the economy. Answers: Answer 1 The article discusses rapidly growing price of houses in the Australia. The incidence of price rise is often considered as overvaluation in the housing market. However, some commenters discard the argument of overvaluation on the ground that measure used to value houses are actually flawed. The article critically evaluate argument and counter argument for housing price inflation in Australian housing market. It is argued that housing prices in the nation have increased at a faster rate than other contemporary countries indicating overvaluation of the equilibrium prices. In response to a rapid growth of per capita GDP housing price picked up a rising trend in mid 1990s. Housing prices had accelerated so fast that it soon overstate income growth leading to a rise in the ratio of housing price to income. Traditional measures such as ratio of price and income and that of price to rent have shown an overvaluation of houses by more than 20 to 25 percent. The growing price of houses attracts people to investment in property market. The fund requirement to make investment on houses results in a rise of debt to income ratio. The figures for debt to income ratio are consistent with is competitor countries such as Canada, New Zealand and UK. High debt ratio is an indicator of instable financial status and associate risk for the concerned industry. The argument of overvalued housing price is countered by stating price is computed based on absolute values. The use of difference of average housing price across countries to estimate housing price valuation is a problematic approach. According to this argument after a persistently low housing price for a period, the abruptly rising house price indicates a catch up rather than overshooting. Price to income ratio has recorded an increase in terms of all its measures. Despite having discrepancies in housing price with a comparatively high price of houses in coastal areas and capital cities, the price to income ratio is highly consistent within the nation. When comes to international platform, the comparison of price to income ratio becomes difficult because of differences in housing coverage and measures of disposable income. When comparison has made in international scale then Australia broadly appears in line with other competing nations. Not only house prices exceeds its equilibrium level but also the equilibrium itself rose to a considerably high level. Disinflation and financial liberalization are two factor contributes to a rise in equilibrium level of house price and consequent rise in debt. The changing dynamics of equilibrium make it difficult to devise a comparative analysis of property price across different countries. A low level of price and financial liberalization along with a low interest rate increases availability of credit and the serviceability of high debt levels increases leading to rising indebtedness and high ratio of house price to income. A suitable approach for estimating house price is to model housing price at times when transition to housing price has done completely. Under this approach, basic economic concepts of demand and supply side factors and difference between actual and forecasted value both are taken into consideration. In order to correctly asses housing prices econometric approaches are also used. Time series analysis based on suitable explanatory and explained variables, User cost approach and trend approach are some of the econometric methods for computing house prices. The general equilibrium framework illustrates the relation of real interest rate with debt or income ratio. Studies found clos inter-relation among high prices of housing, low interest rate and household debt. High house prices reflect the supply side constraint. Housing supply falls in short of demand creating an upward pressure on prices. One major factor contributing to high demand of housing is the rapidly growing population. The average population growth of Australia is greater than OECD average rate. Residential investment is consistent with OECD level with a low vacancy rate since 2006. Geographic constraint such as low availability of land or lack of infrastructure make housing supply inelastic. The relatively low response from the supply side result in a high proportional rise in housing price. Apart from geographical obstacles, household preferences and political factors further restrict housing supply. To address the issue of supply shortage, planning has been made for construction of new houses that can be added to existing supply. The relatively small response of supply to the growing demand though reduces the risk of overvaluation but fail to eliminate the concern. The crisis in housing market is more intense in Sydney than that in the national level. Prices in the property market has grown rapidly in the aftermath of Global Financial Crisis. Hike in housing price in Sydney is proportionately higher than that in other capital cities. Sydney having a relatively high income face huge pressure on demand as more and more people willing to stay in the city. Doubling investors loan in combination with low interest and intense competition have driven up housing prices in Sydney. Demand generated from foreigners is found to be an important factor pushing up prices in Melbourne and inner city of Sydney. No evidences are found on a weak lending standard or speculation. During this phase, a strong growth in mortgage lending is experienced while also lending growth remained strong. The loan to value ratio remain stable with a high quality of assets, increase in mortgage buffer and a high debt ratio among high income household is found. The relatively small credit gaps fail to mar any significant credit boom. Some specific areas of credit market needs special attention. Such as investors credit concentrating mainly on Sydney credit market has grown significantly. The overvaluation of houses does not matter, as Australian banks are able to stand with a big fall. The existing level of capital of banks though are likely to be enough to remain sorted in the phase of declining house prices but it is not sufficient to counter the worsening macroeconomic scenario. Answer 2 Sydney and Melbourne are two important capital cities in Australia that have experienced a massive gain in the housing prices. In these two capital cities, housing prices are overvalued between 25-50 percent (Baur and Heaney 2017). The figure bellow shows trend in median house price of some capital cities in Australia. As show from the above figure in terms of median house price Sydney outpaced most other capital cities. Melbourne stands after Sydney when compared with respect to median house prices. Housing price in these two regions exceeds prices in eight other capital cities. The data clearly evidenced an overvalued price of housing in Sydney and Melbourne. In terms of residential property prices, Melbourne outpaced most regions except Sydney. Various factors contribute to a rising housing price in Melbourne. The mismatch between supply and demand causes a disequilibrium in the housing market. The growing need of housing in Melbourne is not temporary rather it is due to permanent increase in population. The estimated population of Melbourne for 2020 is nearly over four million marking an approximate population growth of 25 percent in last 13 years. The massive increase in population creates additional need for residential houses. Another factor contributing to huge demand for houses in Melbourne is urbanization. Australia is one of the most urbanized nations of world. The population in capital cities is more two third of total national population. Among these Sydney and Melbourne alone have 40 percent population. In Melbourne urbanization has spread rapidly. There are favorable environmental conditions that affect urbanization. These are a stable temperature, access to natural resources and favorable agriculture. To enjoy the relatively stable temperature in Melbourne many people migrate to Melbourne leading to urbanization (Windsor, La Cava and Hansen 2015). An environment favorable to farming is one of the primary factor for urbanization in the city. Apart from these, various social factors work in favor of urbanization in Melbourne. With rapid spread of urbanization, Melbourne has become the second most populous region in Australia. Urbanization by attracting many people create an upward pressure on housin g price. In addition to rising pressure on housing demand from domestic buyers, growing demand also generated from foreign buyers. The foreign purchase of houses is more likely to occur in highly dense inner city of Melbourne. The recent rise in foreign investment in residential market leads to a considerable rise in price. The low interest rate in Australia allow people to borrow more funds and raise housing demand. A 10 percent rise in median price of house is equivalent to an increase in owners wealth of $817 per week. The supply side response to the growing demand of housing is relatively less. Because of shortage in suitable land and permit processes the supply capacity for housing is limited. The building industry in Melbourne cannot supply more than 140,000 accommodations in year. The estimated demand of housing in Melbourne is approximately 170,000 accommodations per year. This disparity between demand and supply of housing lead to overvaluation of housing price in Melbourne Answer 3 In Melbourne, demand from foreign buyers is one significant factor contributing to a rise in housing prices. There is not sufficient supply of house to meet housing demand. The foreign buyers have higher affordability than domestic buyers do. In order to meet demand for domestic buyers and making more house available to them, the stamp duty charges on foreign buyers have increased ( 2016). The effect of increased taxation is given in the following figures. In figure 5, DD is the demand for housing for foreign buyers. SS indicates the available supply of houses. The initial equilibrium price in the housing market is E. At this price, consumer surplus enjoyed by foreign buyer is given by the area of the triangle EP*G. By supplying houses at this price, sellers receive a surplus equal to the area of the triangle EP*H. Total surplus combines consumer and producer surplus together and is indicated by the area of the triangle EGH. Now suppose stamp duty at a rate of t is imposed on foreign buyers. The stamp duty surcharges increases from 3% to 7%. Because of increase in stamp duty surcharges, the demand curve will shift to the left from DD to D1D1. The demand curve shifts by the magnitude of change in tax rates that is by (7% - 3% = 4%). (Baumol and Blinder 2015). The tax raises the price payable by buyers from P* to P1. The price received by the seller is reduced from P* to P2. The difference between the two amounts is the amount of tax. Th e tax reduces consumer surplus from triangle EP*G to FP1G. As the seller receives a lower price, the producer surplus reduces from EP*H to IP2H. As all the reduced consumer surplus is not transferred to producers, total surplus in the market for foreign buyers reduces. Moreover there is a deadweight loss equals to the area of the triangle EFI. Once the demand for houses from foreign buyers reduces, there will be more house available for domestic buyers. This is shown by an outward shift of the supply curve from SS to S1S1. With the shift in the supply curve, a new equilibrium point E1 is obtained. At the new equilibrium point, price of housing to domestic buyers reduces from P* to P1 and available housing supply increases from Q* to Q1. Both consumer and producer surplus in the market for domestic buyers increases at the new equilibrium level (Fine, 2016). Total surpluses in the market increases. There are two effect on total surplus or social welfare. In the market for foreign buyers, total surplus reduces and there is a deadweight loss resulted from distortionary effect of taxation. In the market for domestic buyers, total surplus increases. The ultimate effect on total surplus depend on the magnitude of this two effect (Frank 2014). If effect in the market for domestic buyers dominate that on the foreign buyers, then social welfare increas The increased stamp duty raises tax revenue of the city government. This is explained in figure 5. The difference in the price paid by buyers and that received by seller is the amount of tax. With tax, the number of houses sold in the market is Q1. The tax revenue is given the area of rectangle FP1P2I. FP1P2I = (P1 P2) * Q1. Answer 4 From the IMF country report, it is seen that housing market in Australia has become highly instable in the last two decades. The housing price though initially started to grow in line with increase in per capita income, but the growth rate of housing price soon outpaced the income growth making house price to income ratio to grow. The speculative demand of housing increase peoples willingness to spend on property and the household debt as a percentage of GDP shows a recorded growth. Such speculation in housing market pull up prices. There is an associated risk of housing bubble burst that will create a wide spread recession in the nation. The instability in the housing market is not evenly spread across the countries. There are some capital cities where the problem is more severe as compared to others. Melbourne is one such city suffering from a rapidly growing house price. As analyzed above the instability in housing market is mainly due to its demand outpacing the supply. The rapid spread of urbanization and resulted population growth contribute to a massive growth demand for suitable accommodation. Supply on the other hand is limited due to geographic constraint, lack of infrastructural development and political factor. Therefore, to stabilize housing market, reforms should be initiated on the supply side. Given below are some of the policies that can resolve the supply side issues and help to stabilize housing market. Reduction in infrastructure cost Planning of infrastructure, their cost and provisioning lead to an added cost of housing. While the real housing cost should reflect the ongoing living cost. The living cost automatically y increases if the house is at a disadvantageous location indicated by unavailability of public transport, school, services and other job opportunities within its close-proximity. These days there are growing differences between house prices at expensive locations and in urban areas reflect hat people while buying houses not only value the infrastructure but also taken into consideration associated locational facilities. Therefore, before funding infrastructure government should first identify suitable location and then channelize funds to the most needed areas. To reduce locational disadvantage government should invest to made adequate availability of public transport, build school and offices. Increasing availability of land and relaxation of regulation The driving factor for new house supply is the resulted profit which in turn generated from an increased demand. There are several barriers to increase the supply of new houses. One such barrier is the limited supply suitable land for undertaking housing construction. One primary solution is to increase the supply of land and reduce regulatory complexities to use land. This does not mean to allow for random use to develop construction. The policymakers should understand the fact that availability of more land is not always positively associated with development of new houses. There is no use of flooding local market with same type of houses as this only reduces price and increase profitability of suppliers. Coordinate infill projects at a large scale should be conducted to add quality of houses in urban areas. The large-scale construction reduces cost of construction because of advantages of scale economies. However, such large-scale projects require government intervention to financ e initially high fixed cost. For this government should allow access to some of its owned land and provide other necessary support. Choice of appropriate location for building new houses Proper planning is an important tool to reduce housing price and make it available at an affordable range. There is an existing policy that focuses on making housing construction reasonable easy within a certain range on Central Business District (CBD). However, difficulties arise for subdividing or creating additional residences in the inner and middle range of CBD. The current policy provides such facilities up to a range of 20 km from CBD ( 2016). However, residences are built unevenly in this range. The construction of houses within this range should be made uniform so that demand based on locational advantages should be uniform. References ABC News. (2016).Solutions to the housing affordability problem. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Jan. 2018]. Baumol, W.J. and Blinder, A.S., 2015.Microeconomics: Principles and policy. Cengage Learning. Baur, D.G. and Heaney, R., 2017. Bubbles in the Australian housing market.Pacific-Basin Finance Journal. (2016).New duty and land tax surcharges for foreign buyers of land in Australia - Knowledge - Clayton Utz. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Jan. 2018]. Fine, B., 2016. Microeconomics.University of Chicago Press Economics Books. Frank, R., 2014.Microeconomics and behavior. McGraw-Hill Higher Education. (2018). [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Jan. 2018]. Windsor, C., La Cava, G. and Hansen, J., 2015. Home price beliefs: Evidence from Australia.Journal of Housing Economics,29, pp.41-58.

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Sample Autobiography Translated to Spanish Essay Example

Sample Autobiography Translated to Spanish Essay I am Mark Alexis Alaban, 18 years young. I currently live in Tanza Gua, Roxas City. I’m a third year student of the College of Business Management and Accountancy, taking Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, studying in Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion. I was born in a small town of Tanza Gua and was a farm field behind my house. I spent most of my time playing outside with the neighborhood children. In my family, I have one brother who is eleven years older than me. I really appreciate the fact that I have a stay at home mother and father. It was nice to come home to a house that was not empty. My dad is a government employee and my mom is a plain house wife. For over 18 years I have been passionate about taking pictures. It’s been my hobby and pastime. Now, I have decided to create my own corner of cyberspace to share my love of photography. My childhood consisted of a fascination of watching the environment and thats how I love to spend my time to take a snapshots. Photography is my complete existence. I spend countless hours looking at every book and image. We will write a custom essay sample on Sample Autobiography Translated to Spanish specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Sample Autobiography Translated to Spanish specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Sample Autobiography Translated to Spanish specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer There is nothing in my life except photography. We all have creative abilities; I was raised with no exposure to art and grew up believing that I had no talent. As for processing, I spend hours on each image until I am happy with the results. ?I didnt set out to be a photographer. It just kind of happened. ?What I can tell you are that I really love what I do and I spend a lot of time refining, perfecting and even obsessing over my work. It is a passion. ?I relish the opportunity of being at one with my surroundings and aim to capture the wonderful world around me. I love nature, I find beauty in everyday things and I enjoy. I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it. To capture memories that will last a lifetime even if you may not. ? ?I spent half of my life thinking that a camera was just for capturing family snapshots or recording events. Then came the day when I realized that some people use it to create art. I spent the other half of my life admiring hose people’s work, convinced that photography as an art was something beyond my reach. At the end of the day, I know my passion for this activity comes from my joy of â€Å"being one with nature† and being able to escape the daily worries and hassles of work and life. I believe a great photograph can share the experience and a great photo can â€Å"tell a thousand words† if taken properly. I suppose this is my immodest goal that I strive to reach each time I pick up my cam era and head out the door. Soy Marcos Alexis Alaban, 18 anos joven. Actualmente vivo en Tanza Gua, de Roxas City. Soy un estudiante de tercer ano de la Facultad de Administracion de Empresas y Contabilidad, teniendo Licenciatura en Ciencias en Tecnologia de la Informacion, estudiando en el Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion. Naci en un pequeno pueblo de Tanza Gua y era un campo de cultivo detras de mi casa. Pase la mayor parte de mi tiempo jugando afuera con los ninos del barrio. En mi familia, tengo un hermano que es once anos mayor que. Realmente aprecio el hecho de que tengo una estancia en la casa madre y el padre. Fue agradable volver a casa a una casa que no estaba vacio. Mi padre es un empleado del gobierno y mi madre es ama de casa normal. Desde hace mas de 18 anos he sido un apasionado de la toma de fotografias. Ha sido mi hobby y pasatiempo. Ahora, he decidido crear mi propio rincon del ciberespacio para compartir mi amor por la fotografia. Mi infancia consistio en una fascinacion de ver el medio ambiente y asi es como me gusta pasar mi tiempo para tomar unas instantaneas. La fotografia es mi existencia completa. Me paso horas y horas mirando a todos los libros y la imagen. No hay nada en mi vida, excepto la fotografia. Todos tenemos capacidades creativas; me crie sin exposicion al arte y crecio creyendo que no tenia talento. En cuanto a la transformacion, me paso horas en cada imagen hasta que este satisfecho con los resultados. Yo no tenia la intencion de ser un fotografo. Esto solo sucedio. Lo que puedo decir es que me encanta lo que hago y yo pasamos mucho tiempo refinacion, perfeccionando y hasta obsesionado con mi trabajo. Es una pasion. Me entusiasma la oportunidad de estar en armonia con mi entorno y tratar de capturar el maravilloso mundo que me rodea. Me encanta la naturaleza, encuentro la belleza en las cosas cotidianas y disfrutar yo. Creo que una clase de fotografia deberia ser un requisito en todos los programas educativos, ya que te hace ver el mundo en lugar de solo mirarlo. Para capturar recuerdos que duraran toda la vida, incluso si usted no puede. Pase la mitad de mi vida pensando que una camara era solo para la captura de instantaneas familiares o eventos de grabacion. Entonces llego el dia en que me di cuenta de que algunas personas lo utilizan para crear arte. Me pase la otra mitad de mi vida admirando el trabajo de esa gente, convencida de que la fotografia como arte era algo fuera de mi alcance. Al final del dia, se que mi pasion por esta actividad proviene de mi alegria de ser uno con la naturaleza y ser capaz de escapar de las preocupaciones diarias y los problemas de trabajo y de vida. Creo que una gran fotografia pueden compartir la experiencia y una gran foto se puede decir mas que mil palabras, si se toma correctamente. Supongo que es mi objetivo inmodesto que me esfuerzo para llegar a cada vez que cojo mi camara y la cabeza por la puerta.

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How to Start a Homeschool Co-Op

How to Start a Homeschool Co-Op A homeschool co-op is a group of homeschooling families who meet on a regular basis to provide educational and social activities for their children. Some co-ops focus on elective and enrichment classes while others offer core classes such as history, math, and science. In most cases, the parents of the students are directly involved in the co-op, planning, organizing, and teaching the courses offered. Why Start a Homeschool Co-Op There are many reasons that a homeschool co-op  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ large or small  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ can be a beneficial endeavor for parents and students alike. Some classes simply work better with a group. It can be hard to find a  chemistry lab partner at home, and unless you’re doing a one-man play,  drama needs a group of kids. Sure, you may have siblings or a parent who can help out, but for activities such as science labs, it can be beneficial for students to work with their peers. In  a co-op setting, kids learn how to work with a group of students. They can practice vital skills such as delegating tasks, doing their part to make the group activity a success, and resolving conflicts when disagreements arise. A co-op provides accountability. You know those classes that tend to fall by the wayside? Starting a small co-op is an excellent way to prevent that by adding a layer of accountability. You may find that you have good intentions, are continually pushing aside enrichment classes such as art and nature study. When youre meeting with a few other families, youre more likely to follow through on the classes. It’s much easier to stay the course when other people are counting on you. A co-op is a great solution for teaching difficult subjects or skill-based electives.  A co-op can prove to be the perfect way to tackle subjects like  high school level math and science courses or electives for which you lack the knowledge or skill set. Maybe one parent can teach math in exchange for another sharing her talent for art or music. If you know a parent with a unique skill, such as photography or fluency in a foreign language, they may be willing to offer group classes for a fee.  Ã‚   A co-op can make the subject  more fun for the students. In addition to the prospect of greater accountability, a co-op can make a  boring or difficult subject more fun for the students. While the class may still be dull or complicated, the prospect of tackling it with a few friends can at least make the class more palatable. The students might even find the course fun with an instructor and one or two students who display enthusiasm for it, or who have a good grasp on the topic and can explain it in easy-to-understand terms.   Homeschool co-ops can help kids learn to take direction from someone other than a parent. Kids benefit from having instructors other than their parents. Another teacher  may have a different teaching style,  way of interacting with children, or expectations for classroom behavior and due dates. It’s useful for students to learn  to interact with other instructors so that it’s not such a culture shock when they go to college or into the workforce or even when they find themselves in classroom settings within the community. How to Start a Homeschool Co-Op If you’ve decided that a small  homeschool co-op would be beneficial for your family, it’s relatively straightforward to start one. While you needn’t worry about the complex  guidelines that a  larger, more formal co-op would require,  a small, informal gathering of friends still calls for some ground rules. Find a meeting place (or establish an agreed-upon rotation). If your co-op is going to be only two or three families, you’ll likely agree to gather in your homes. You may also be able to use a room or two at a   library, community center, or church. Wherever you meet, be considerate. Offer to help clean up afterward.  Arrive on time.Start on time. It’s easy to get caught up in socializing for the students and their parents.Leave promptly after the class is over. The  host family may have school to complete or appointments on their calendar.Ask if there is anything you can bring or do to simplify hosting. Set a schedule and guidelines. Small groups can disintegrate quickly if one or two people have to miss the class. Set a schedule at the beginning of the year, taking holidays and any known date conflicts  into consideration. Once all the parents have agreed to the calendar, stick to it. Make arrangements for students who have to miss class to make up the work. If youre completing a DVD course, perhaps students can borrow the DVD set and complete the assignment on their own. For other classes, you may consider making copies of materials or having another student take notes for those who are absent. Be sure to build a few flex days into your calendar for the inevitable disruptions such as inclement weather or times when multiple students are sick or unable to attend class. You will also want to determine how long and how often each class will meet and set start and end dates. For example, will this be a year-long or single semester co-op? Will you meet one hour twice a week or two hours once a week? Determine roles. If the course needs a facilitator or instructor, determine who will fill that role. Sometimes these roles fall into place naturally, but make sure that all the parents involved are okay with the tasks that fall to them so that no one feels unfairly burdened. Choose materials. Decide what materials you’ll need for your co-op.  Will you be using a particular curriculum? If you are piecing together your  own course, make sure everyone knows who is responsible for what. For example, if youre teaching an  art co-op, one parent may already own the curriculum that youll be using, so each student would just need to purchase their own supplies based on a materials list provided by the  instructor.For a DVD course, one parent may already own the DVD set required, and each student would need only to purchase their own workbooks. If you’re buying materials to be shared by the group,  such as a DVD set or a microscope, you  will probably want to split the cost of the purchase. Discuss what you’ll do with the non-consumable materials after the course is over. One family may want to buy out the other family’s share to save something  (such as a microscope) for younger siblings, or you may wish to resell  non-consumables and split the proceeds between the families.   Identify age-ranges. Decide what age students your co-op will include and set guidelines for older and younger siblings. If youre teaching a high school chemistry course, it will be distracting for parents and younger siblings to be chatting in the corner. So decide from the beginning if younger siblings will need to stay at home or if there is another room where they could play under the supervision of a couple of parents. You may also want to consider ability-level rather than age. For example, a wide range of ages could learn a foreign language together depending on what level of reading and writing are involved. However you choose to structure it, a small homeschool co-op with a few families is an excellent means of providing  the accountability and group atmosphere that you may be missing in your homeschool.

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English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 55

English - Essay Example The article realizes that there were laws that regulated the use of internet from time immemorial. According to the article, control of internet contents was not formal because it did not display displeasing and indecent content. However, today things have changed and internet is a hub of pornography and soliciting of children sexually. Criminals plan and execute their activities through the internet. These activities include financial frauds, credit card fraud, copyright theft, and money laundering among others. This article points out that governments, internet providers, and politicians advocate for control of content of the internet. Dotson presents a survey in Broadband for America that indicates that people oppose the move to regulate internet. People feel that internet usage does not need any intervention mechanism because the content of internet satisfies them. Americans feel that internet is very important link the keeps people informed since it transcends borders of nations. According to this research, the people of United States assert that internet is a crucial resource, which does not need a monitoring body. Drissel article in Journal of Cambridge Review of International Affairs is concerned with the contents of internet. These include privacy issue, online theft, spamming, and terrorism. The author asserts that there is necessitate of monitoring materials of internet. David proposes that international and local stakeholders should work together to control internet usage. According to the article, all stakeholders should employ existing tools and processes. Kokswijk, the author of this book, looks at social and legal facets of internet. The author explores the ways in which code can control individuals and groups in virtual society. The book highlights close relation between code and commerce. Jacob cautions that regulators of internet should learn fro cases of telephone and